Sometimes things get unnecessarily complicated… It’s all due to emotions.

So last night I went out and was utilizing my new dedication to overcoming my fears.  There was this boy who walked into the bar and he was so handsome that I knew I wanted to talk to him.  So I overcame my fears and struck up a conversation with him, and do you know, it worked out well in my favor.  He was a really sweet guy, only 24 years old and really down to earth and fun.

Some other guys that we were talking to wanted to go to Brink but I didn’t really want to, so we ended up going to Lizzy’s and Ibar instead.  It was a good time.  After the night was over we ended up back at his condo downtown.

I found out that he’s only going to be in town for a few more weeks too which is great.  It meant that things could just be fun and no complications.  Neither of us was looking for anything serious as neither of us is staying.  No muss, no fuss, just fun.

One thing led to another and soon we were making out on his couch.  By the way, kid is an awesome kisser.  Unfortunately his roommate, her fiance, and their friend walked in as we were on the couch making out.  It was so embarrassing for the two of us.  Now for the roommate she just thought it was hilarious and was really chill about it.  But for the kid and I our moods were kind of killed.  I wanted to stay but I could tell he was really embarrassed so we went down to my car and he hopped in and stayed with me till we got out of the parking garage and I bed my adieu (even though he did end up inviting me to stay once we were out of the garage and I now wish I had).

The issue now is that I want to see this kid again.  He was sweet.  So now I have these two weeks that I just want to get to know him, even knowing that there’s no future because neither of us is sticking around.  Why do emotions get the best of our better judgments?

Anyway, hopefully this wasn’t all I’ll see of the kid because he was cute and he was ticklish when you kissed him on his neck which was just so adorable.


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