Browsing through Facebook and you see a lot of people talk about their political beliefs.  No doubt I’ve expressed mine many times before via Facebook.  Everyone seems to latch on to their own particular belief and fight the causes that that entails.  It’s always about freedom and the rights that we as Americans deserve.  We all want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Who gets to decide who gets those things though?

If I were to ask you, what party is about freedom, what would you say?

The truth is, whether you answered Republican or Democrat you’d be wrong.  Neither party is about freedom.  They are about power.  We live in a world where the politician is in it for their own stake and not for the betterment of mankind.

The Republicans have long been about suppressing people’s freedoms due to religion.  They have campaigned on the religious banner for so long that they’ve lost site of the freedom that they once clung to.  They say their actions are motivated by religious freedom, but it’s not that way at all.  If anything they are trying to control people’s religions and not let them express their own individuality.  The big issue obviously here is marriage.  They say that marriage is a religious institution and is only between a man and a woman.  They say that a man and a man or a woman and a woman can’t get married because it’s against God’s will.  I say, great, then make marriage a religious institution if that’s what you believe it is.  Marriage is not a religious institution.  The moment that you are married you get 1100 different rights given to you by the government.  The fact is that marriage is a governmental institution because the government gives rights based on it.  If it were a religious institution then the government should not be giving rights because of it.  So you can have it one way or the other, it either is a religious institution or it’s a governmental institution.

If you want marriage to be a religious institution that’s fine, I have no need to go to a church to get married.  When I find my man and we settle down I’ll be happy with that.  Let’s go pass a law right now that bans marriages from being recognized the government.  No longer will rights be given based on this religious institution.

So you’re not happy about that?  You say that takes away your freedoms?  Well if you want rights because you’re married then this becomes a government institution.  Now we’re where we started.  You are now trying to take the rights from those who don’t fall in line with your viewpoint.  You are suppressing the freedom of the minority by giving rights based on your religious viewpoint that not everyone can have.

The Democrats on the other hand say they’re all about freedom.  They’re the pro-choice, pro-marriage equality party.  Let me tell you a secret.  They don’t like freedom either.  See, someone who is completely free from control of the government can’t fit into their viewpoint either.  Let’s look at what’s going on in Ohio right now.  Legislation is being brought up for “Right to Work” laws.  These laws are fiercely opposed by the Democrats.  Unfortunately, unlike the religious backing of their viewpoints that the Republicans have, I don’t really understand the ferocity that Democrats have against these laws.

The problem with fighting these is that you’re fighting against the freedom that you say you’re about.  These laws give employees the freedom to choose whether they want to join a union and financially back it.  Without these laws a union can work out deals with a company that the company can force people to pay the union dues whether they want to join or not.

Just as with the gay marriage issue this is the majority forcing their views on the minority.  The freedom of the individual to choose is taken away in states like Ohio where these laws don’t exist.

Democrats are all about the personal freedom (unless you want to own a gun) but feel like they can tell you how you should spend your money.  Republicans are all about your monetary freedom but feel like they can tell you how to live your life (unless you want to own a gun).  In the end the parties have drawn these lines in the sand.  They know that they can make you passionate about one thing or another.  People have very strong viewpoints of both sides, especially on issues like abortion and gay marriage.  So the parties have taken their stands on these issues.  I doubt that many of the people in these parties really cling so strictly to these beliefs in their personal life, but it’s all about power for them.  They use the talking points to get us to vote one way or the other.  In the end it has worked, in 2004, Bush used gay marriage bills in Ohio and Florida to bring out the Republican base and secure him reelection. It’s time for change.  Real change and not the Obama bullshit change that was spouted out in 2008 which turned out to be more of the same political games anyway.

It’s time for the rise of the third party.


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