I Am Iron Man

So I’m going to try and express my feelings on Iron Man 3 without spoiling anything.

Holy crap was that a great movie.  Probably the best of the trilogy (can you call it a trilogy when really all the Marvel movies build into this one?).  I’m going to try and express my feelings about the movie without spoiling anything.

A Post Avengers World
Tony Stark is a man who just recently traveled through a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy and delivered a nuclear bomb to destroy an alien invasion and he was aided by his friends the Norse god, the super solider from WW2, the giant monster, an archer, and a super spy.  He’s feeling, understandably, like a little fish in a big pond thought he doesn’t really express it that way.  He’s got a ton of anxiety though and it’s building up on him.  He hasn’t figured out how to handle this post Avengers world.  Clearly the villains have though.  Gone are the days where Iron Man is fighting people who have built upon his armor idea, that won’t handle it when big guys with hammers fall from the sky.  Ok, this may be a bit spoiler if you know NOTHING about the Marvel Universe, but Advanced Idea Mechanics has stepped up the game with the bad guys.  They proved a bigger threat that could stand up against the likes of Thor and Hulk but instead Iron Man has to take them down.  I thought it stood out as a great way for Iron Man to show that he is still worth something in this post Avengers world, with or without a suit.

The Mandarin
Ok.  So for me this felt a little hollow through most of the movie.  Whenever the Mandarin was on screen I just wasn’t connecting.  I was more interested in seeing what A.I.M. was up to than learning about the Mandarin.  Of course, with the reveal later in the movie it made sense to me.  I’m not sure if they were trying for us not to feel the tension with the Mandarin but it just felt faked to me.

The Comedy
Clearly Marvel has learned that these worlds need some comedy.  It really started with Thor but then the Avengers took it to a new level.  Yes, these big events are Earth shattering, but these are still humans (more or less) that are involved in these situation.  They make errors and they have sarcasm.  This should be funny.  Thor had a god thrown into a world he didn’t understand unwillingly and that led to some great comedy.  The Avengers got a ton of use from Hulk in the comedy department.  For this one it was all about Tony and the people that admired him as Iron Man.  The kid was hilarious.  I really wanted this kid to grow into something himself cause his chemistry with Stark was awesome.  Unfortunately the only Harley I know in the Marvel universe is a girl, they should have named him Greg Willis… That I would have been thrilled about.  Also, the guy that was the huge Iron Man fan with the van was hilarious too.  If ABC cancels Happy Endings I hope that he ends up on S.H.I.E.L.D. somehow!

Some Favorites
41+ Jarvis voices.  Nice.
Pepper’s “Hulk Smash” moment.
The post credit reveal of who Stark was talking to.
Happy’s “Super Friends” comment.
Avengers nightmares.

This movie holds up to the style and feel of the Marvel universe we’ve been building on.  Yes, this is a very different movie than anything that came before it.  That’s one of the beautiful things about these characters and Marvel’s approach.  They are using writers and directors who aren’t necessarily all about superheroes.  It’s all about finding the proper script that works.

Iron Man 3 is possibly the best Iron Man so far.  The Marvel Universe is shaping up on screen and it’s exciting to see all the connections that will be built upon.  There wasn’t a lot of talk about the cosmic scale that we’re heading towards, after all we know this is leading to Thanos.  I think it did a proper job of setting up that this is a post Avengers world now though and that people are coming to grips with the superhero.  It means more powerful villains.

On a side note, it was quite sad to know that this is also a world where Agent Coulson is “dead.”  Yes, if you’ve been following the news on Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. then you know that Coulson is coming back but will he appear in the movies?  I’m guessing that whether he died or not we’ll find out come the fall T.V. season, but for now, the Avengers have to believe he’s dead.  So we probably won’t be seeing him show up anytime soon back on the big screen.  Though the lack of S.H.I.E.L.D. in general during this movie was odd considering it has played such a vital role in the other Iron Man movies.

Anyway, I guess in the end I recommend checking it out.  Marvel knows how to build it’s universe.  Things will only get better and more complex from here.  Next up is Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. assuming it gets picked up to series, but let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it be?  And then we’ll get Thor: The Dark World.


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