I Am Iron Man

So I’m going to try and express my feelings on Iron Man 3 without spoiling anything.

Holy crap was that a great movie.  Probably the best of the trilogy (can you call it a trilogy when really all the Marvel movies build into this one?).  I’m going to try and express my feelings about the movie without spoiling anything.

A Post Avengers World
Tony Stark is a man who just recently traveled through a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy and delivered a nuclear bomb to destroy an alien invasion and he was aided by his friends the Norse god, the super solider from WW2, the giant monster, an archer, and a super spy.  He’s feeling, understandably, like a little fish in a big pond thought he doesn’t really express it that way.  He’s got a ton of anxiety though and it’s building up on him.  He hasn’t figured out how to handle this post Avengers world.  Clearly the villains have though.  Gone are the days where Iron Man is fighting people who have built upon his armor idea, that won’t handle it when big guys with hammers fall from the sky.  Ok, this may be a bit spoiler if you know NOTHING about the Marvel Universe, but Advanced Idea Mechanics has stepped up the game with the bad guys.  They proved a bigger threat that could stand up against the likes of Thor and Hulk but instead Iron Man has to take them down.  I thought it stood out as a great way for Iron Man to show that he is still worth something in this post Avengers world, with or without a suit.

The Mandarin
Ok.  So for me this felt a little hollow through most of the movie.  Whenever the Mandarin was on screen I just wasn’t connecting.  I was more interested in seeing what A.I.M. was up to than learning about the Mandarin.  Of course, with the reveal later in the movie it made sense to me.  I’m not sure if they were trying for us not to feel the tension with the Mandarin but it just felt faked to me.

The Comedy
Clearly Marvel has learned that these worlds need some comedy.  It really started with Thor but then the Avengers took it to a new level.  Yes, these big events are Earth shattering, but these are still humans (more or less) that are involved in these situation.  They make errors and they have sarcasm.  This should be funny.  Thor had a god thrown into a world he didn’t understand unwillingly and that led to some great comedy.  The Avengers got a ton of use from Hulk in the comedy department.  For this one it was all about Tony and the people that admired him as Iron Man.  The kid was hilarious.  I really wanted this kid to grow into something himself cause his chemistry with Stark was awesome.  Unfortunately the only Harley I know in the Marvel universe is a girl, they should have named him Greg Willis… That I would have been thrilled about.  Also, the guy that was the huge Iron Man fan with the van was hilarious too.  If ABC cancels Happy Endings I hope that he ends up on S.H.I.E.L.D. somehow!

Some Favorites
41+ Jarvis voices.  Nice.
Pepper’s “Hulk Smash” moment.
The post credit reveal of who Stark was talking to.
Happy’s “Super Friends” comment.
Avengers nightmares.

This movie holds up to the style and feel of the Marvel universe we’ve been building on.  Yes, this is a very different movie than anything that came before it.  That’s one of the beautiful things about these characters and Marvel’s approach.  They are using writers and directors who aren’t necessarily all about superheroes.  It’s all about finding the proper script that works.

Iron Man 3 is possibly the best Iron Man so far.  The Marvel Universe is shaping up on screen and it’s exciting to see all the connections that will be built upon.  There wasn’t a lot of talk about the cosmic scale that we’re heading towards, after all we know this is leading to Thanos.  I think it did a proper job of setting up that this is a post Avengers world now though and that people are coming to grips with the superhero.  It means more powerful villains.

On a side note, it was quite sad to know that this is also a world where Agent Coulson is “dead.”  Yes, if you’ve been following the news on Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. then you know that Coulson is coming back but will he appear in the movies?  I’m guessing that whether he died or not we’ll find out come the fall T.V. season, but for now, the Avengers have to believe he’s dead.  So we probably won’t be seeing him show up anytime soon back on the big screen.  Though the lack of S.H.I.E.L.D. in general during this movie was odd considering it has played such a vital role in the other Iron Man movies.

Anyway, I guess in the end I recommend checking it out.  Marvel knows how to build it’s universe.  Things will only get better and more complex from here.  Next up is Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. assuming it gets picked up to series, but let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it be?  And then we’ll get Thor: The Dark World.


Marvel: The Arrogance of Iron Man

Do you remember where you were the day the Iron Man first showed up?

Few people will forget the day that Tony Stark held his press conference announcing to the world “I am Iron Man.”  The arrogance in his announcement was astonishing.  Despite the story that the government was telling us there were rumors that the “body guard” of Stark Industries was indeed Stark himself.  The drunken playboy had finally gone off the deep end.


In some ways it should have come to no surprise to us.  Tony Stark was the playboy CEO of Stark Industries, the world’s leading weapons manufacturer.  The man was a joke to some.  A villain to others.  A visionary to most.  People worshiped at his feet, and why not?  He was the son of Howard Stark.  Stark Industries had a reputation for excellence.  When Tony Stark took over as CEO of Stark Industries at age 21 he ushered in a rebirth of technological advancements not seen since his father’s death.  The technologies that came out revolutionized the way wars were fought and the way we all lived.

Unfortunately for Mr. Stark his advancements would not just benefit the US.  Enemies would get a hold of his technology as well.  When terrorists captured Mr Stark the world thought it had lost it’s visionary.  Instead we gained something new.  Mr. Stark would return from his encounter and made the announcement that Stark Industries would no longer be manufacturing weapons.  What would Tony Stark do next?

We soon found out.  The fight between Iron Man and Iron Monger would bring to light exactly what Tony Stark had been working on.  The next day would find the announcement that it was Tony Stark’s body guard who had been involved in the chaos in Los Angeles.Image

Christine Everheart from Vanity Fair spoke up on everyone’s feelings that we were being played for a fool.  In Stark’s arrogance he called himself a superhero and revealed himself to be Iron Man.  Iron Monger would remain a mystery until Obadiah Stane turned up missing.  The official story is that Obadiah went down in a small plane crash while on vacation, but most assume that once again we are being fed cover stories.

Stark would then pick and choose his battles.  Many question why he did not show up to stop a rampaging Hulk shortly after his self proclaimed superhero status.  When Hulk and Abomination tore up Harlem there was no sign of this self proclaimed superhero.  If Stark is trying to right wrongs caused by his company then these were on his family’s head too.  It was after all Howard Stark who helped design the super soldier serum that created Captain America during World War II and was the inspiration for these monstrosities.Image

Stark was instead focused on the political front.  He stopped skirmishes between countries and went after terrorists.  As he would later claim he had privatized world peace.  Once again Stark’s arrogance showed strong.  He refused to share his knowledge with our government.  He claimed that no one could replicate the armor he had created.

Stark must have been in for a rude awakening when shortly thereafter Whiplash showed up in Monaco with a functioning armor of his own.  Iron Man took him down and appeared more arrogant than ever afterwards.  For his birthday Stark threw a party and nearly completely demolished his house.  First as he drunkenly smashed things while wearing his armor and then when Colonel James Rhodes and he came to blows both in full powered suits.Image

Bill O’Reilly brought up the point that we had trusted Iron Man to protect us and he was now acting as a giant playboy with a big toy.  Stark had the most powerful individual weapon in existence and he was playing with it.  Stark was acting as the sole judge of what deserved attention from Iron Man.  Who was Stark to have such power?  Stark selfishly kept the Iron Man technology to himself.

Then Hammer entered the picture.  Hammer announced that he had perfected the technology.  We would no longer need to put our soldiers in harms way.  The Hammer Drone would replace the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine with drones that could fight the battles for us.  With War Machine leading the way all seemed perfect.  Then Stark in his arrogance showed up at the presentation of the announcement.Image

A battle progressed between War Machine, the Hammer Drones, and Iron Man.  Ultimately Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer were blamed for all the trouble.  Tony Star and Colonel James Rhodes were treated like heroes in the end, but how can we call them heroes?Image

Stark is a narcissist, with self destructive tendencies.  The very villains he has been credited with taking down wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for his arrogance.  My good friend Senator Stern even informed me that Stark actually made Stern call him a “national treasure” after these events.

Of course, here’s where things really get bad for those of us not in Iron Man’s graces.  He has now gone and built himself a superhero club!  Let’s take a quick look at these people that he’s gathered.Image

Hulk.  As already mentioned above Hulk has been rampaging for years.  Now suddenly this team of heroes thinks that the Hulk can be one of them?  The beast is uncontrollable and a menace to society!  On this one it seems that Iron Man’s arrogance has spread to his cohorts.

Black Widow.  There is not a lot of information that we’ve been able to dig up on her.  Those who have seen pictures from the Battle of New York tell us that they believe her code name is Black Widow.  While nothing is known about her powers or abilities with a name like Black Widow you know she can’t be trusted.

Thor.  Yes dear reader, Thor is in the ranks of the Avengers as Iron Man has called them.  This man seems to actually believe that he is the Norse God of Thunder.  While he does appear to have similar abilities we here know that it is arrogance that leads him to believe this.  Is it possible that this one is even more arrogant than Stark?  He believe himself a god!

Captain America.  Honestly I don’t have anything bad to say about Captain America.  Out of all the people that Stark has gathered, Captain America is the one true hero in the group.  Like my son who serves our country as an astronaut, Captain America is a selfless hero.  He served our country in World War II as the super soldier.  His demise was a tragedy to this country and the fact that he was found frozen alive after so many years is a miracle!  Captain America should take a hard look at who his allies are though, I can only imagine that he was sanctioned to assist these “heroes” due to the impending invasion.

Hawkeye.  Once again there is little known about this particular player.  Footage from Germany seems to indicate that he was working with the invading force initially but then switched sides.  Rumors persist that he, along with Black Widow, are actually government operatives.  If they are government that gives me a little bit of hope that we have some real heroes on this, but given Stark’s arrogance I find it hard to believe he would work with the government.

The other question we as New Yorkers have been wondering is why did this alien force choose our city as the home of its invasion?  Based on where this portal opened I would believe that it is once again Stark’s fault that this force even came here.  it was after all, just over Stark Tower where the portal opened allowing this alien force to invade our world.

Many people still claim Stark to be a hero.  I say it’s all his fault to begin with.  All these things that have happened all started that day in California where Stark said “I am Iron Man.”  If Iron Man had been a one time occurrence I firmly believe that the world would have been a safer place.  If he had never pursued the technology beyond when he escaped from the terrorists then we would have never had these issues.

Iron Man is a menace to our city.  His arrogance will show and I am confident it will be only a matter of time before that happens.

Rumors abound that Stark has been working on a project called Extremist.  Nothing is known at this time but an announcement is expected soon.  With a name like that I can promise it will lead to no good.  Maybe the world will wake up and see the arrogance of this man.  We need to stop these issues before they inspire more of these heroes.

I’ve heard stories recently of a wall-crawling menace dressed in red and blue in our city.  Others have reported a school in upstate where more of these freaks live together.  Recently there have been sightings of a man they say moves so quick you just see a trail of silver and a woman dressed in scarlet that I hear may be a witch.  If these are the things that Iron Man has inspired it’s time to bring him down.

Who’s with me?

– J.